A look at the conflict in the novel a worn path by eudora welty

More Essay Examples on Jackson Rubric The reason why she makes this difficult journey routinely is to obtain medicine for her grandson with lye poisoning.

A look at the conflict in the novel a worn path by eudora welty

But not all of them have to be able to fly around the world or stop a bullet with their teeth. They don't have to be like superman and wonder woman. There are many hereos in the world, you just have to know where to look for them.

They are just ordinary people a lot of the time.

A look at the conflict in the novel a worn path by eudora welty

Many of them can be parents and grandparents. It all depends on what the person does to be considered a hero, such as a grandparent that would walk about 50 miles to get medicine for their sick grandson.

Phoenix Jackson is a very old woman who lives out in the backcountry of Mississippi with her sick grandson.

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She takes care of him because she is his only family left and he has some kind of a problem with his throat, he can't talk anymore. She takes care of him just as well as if it were one of her own children when they were sick.

Phoenix is just an ordinary person taking care of her sick grandchild. Phoenix and her grandson are the reasons that they both are alive. Phoenix takes care of her grandson, which in turn keeps her healthy because she isn't sitting around the house doing nothing.

Phoenix has to walk a very long way so that she can get the medicine for her sick little grandson. The doctor said that as long as you came to get it, you could have it. So now she comes on a regular schedule so that her grandson will get the medication he needs.

She has to walk all the way from their home in the woods to the big city. That is a very long walk, especially since she is an old woman. It takes some time but, she does what she has to do all because she loves her grandbaby.

On the way to getting her grandson's medicine she has to deal with a lot of harsh conditions to get to the big city. She has to go through marshes and thorn bushes.WORN PATH Eudora Welty brings the story, &#;A Worn Path&#;, to life through the use of the character Phoenix Jackson and symbols.

This story detail&#;s an elderly Negro woman&#;s journey to town, on a mission of love. As opposed to Robert Frost, Eudora Welty’s work “A Worn Path” is a short story on the same theme of life as a journey. The Worn Path is a story of an elderly African American woman who makes a journey through the forest into the city.

By rendering aspects of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" into carefully considered graphical forms, students learn to appreciate elements of characterization, setting, and plot in a manner that engages them actively in the production of meaning. Published: Mon, 5 Dec The story, “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is one of the most significant and frequently studied works of short fiction.

This story is taken place in the South. The main problem in "A Worn Path" was the long, dangerous journey made by Phoenix, an old woman faced with the challenge of taking care of her sick grandson.

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