Ac2 business plan wettbewerb informatik

Making sense of Communities of Practice at the University Level: Connecting Academia and Industries, in:

Ac2 business plan wettbewerb informatik

Comment present experiences made with a course in applied computer science, which was Making sense of Communities of Practice at the University Level: High-tech entrepreneurship education is the challenge of connecting practical university teaching with well-known concepts of life long learning in companies.

New kinds of communities of practice emerge from these efforts. We present experiences made with a course in applied computer science, which was based on this concept. The student teams were connected to each other and to their supervisors in academia and practice through a community system.

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We present a first qualitative study which evaluate the didactical concept and use of the deployed community system.

Finally, we discuss the role communities of practice can play in teaching applied computer science. Communities of practice, social capital, practical university teaching, high-tech entrepreneurship, evaluation 1 Introduction Innovative and knowledge intensive start-ups have a positive impact on the economic development of regions by fostering the structural change and the dynamics of employment rates.

Having this in mind, knowledge from universities should be deployed more effectively for future entrepreneurial activities of students.

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By now, only a small amount of students start a new enterprise after working years in industry [ScKl96, Alba98, Moog00]. Universities should make students more sensible for their entrepreneurial potential and qualify them for successful entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can not be stimulated and taught by transferring knowledge, but several didactical concepts are desirable in one module: There are a lot of inspiring examples for universities having such a comprehensive approach in entrepreneurship teaching, like the MIT Entrepreneurship Lab [Robe91].

In Germany, we have good prerequisites to connect academics initiatives in entrepreneurship with the a vivid local start-up scene by relaying on the strength of the different learning approaches in the different institutions and combining them with modern technical infrastructures for knowledge sharing and communication.

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The major challenge is the combination of practice oriented education at universities with concepts of apprenticeship learning within companies to establish such endeavours on a regular basis. The abilities of digital media to overcome time and space barriers support the knowledge transfer between universities and actors within companies.

But again, we have to develop appropriate didactical concepts to connect practitioners with learning activities at universities. We want to present a in-depth analysis of an ongoing innovative computersupported course developed to support the cooperation between students and practitioners.

The course "Entrepreneurship and New Media" established now at two German research universities tries to create shared learning experience while solving a complex task. In the course project groups consisting of students of computer sciences work each on a concrete project task for a start-up company.

The course is accompanied by a lecture introducing entrepreneurship and media relevant topics by university lecturers and practitioners.The Advisory Committee is supporting the planned Platztor Campus site of the University of and the construction plans amounting to million francs.

The Platztor Campus site will enable the sustainable development of the University of and create urgently needed teaching and research facilities for basic education. Vertical Business Plan - Generalpdf. Absolute Value (CK) that all prospective bidders are treated equally 2. | - Win The Latest iPhone

the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan challenged the business leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum to promote greater social and environmental responsibility in their business activity 1. become 5/5(1).

ac2 business plan wettbewerb informatik

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Course announcements. This course is the essential prerequisite for most follow-on training in financial accounting. This course provides the mandatory foundation knowledge required in order to understand and configure business processes for the SAP ERP application financials module in the areas of general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable accounting.

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