An analysis of the echo generation

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An analysis of the echo generation

Three types of delay are inherent in today's telephony networks: Propagation delay is caused by the length a signal must travel via light in fiber or electrical impulse in copper-based networks. Handling delay—also called processing delay—defines many different causes of delay actual packetization, compression, and packet switching and is caused by devices that forward the frame through the network.

Serialization delay is the amount of time it takes to actually place a bit or byte onto an interface.

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Serialization delay is not covered in depth in this book because its influence on delay is relatively minimal. Propagation Delay Light travels through a vacuum at a speed ofmiles per second, and electrons travel through copper or fiber at approximatelymiles per second.

An analysis of the echo generation

A fiber network stretching halfway around the world 13, miles induces a one-way delay of about 70 milliseconds 70 ms. Although this delay is almost imperceptible to the human ear, propagation delays in conjunction with handling delays can cause noticeable speech degradation.

Handling Delay As mentioned previously, devices that forward the frame through the network cause handling delay. Handling delays can impact traditional phone networks, but these delays are a larger issue in packetized environments.

The following paragraphs discuss the different handling delays and how they affect voice quality. Two of these speech samples both with 10 ms of delay are then placed within one packet. The packet delay is, therefore, 20 ms. An initial look-ahead of 5 ms occurs when using G.

Vendors can decide how many speech samples they want to send in one packet. In fact, Cisco IOS enables users to choose how many samples to put into each frame. Queuing Delay A packet-based network experiences delay for other reasons. Two of these are the time necessary to move the actual packet to the output queue packet switching and queuing delay.

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When packets are held in a queue because of congestion on an outbound interface, the result is queuing delay. Queuing delay occurs when more packets are sent out than the interface can handle at a given interval. The actual queuing delay of the output queue is another cause of delay. You should keep this factor to less than 10 ms whenever you can by using whatever queuing methods are optimal for your network.

This subject is covered in greater detail in Chapter 8, "Quality of Service. With the Cisco VoIP implementation, two routers with minimal network delay back to back use only about 60 ms of end-to-end delay. This leaves up to 90 ms of network delay to move the IP packet from source to destination.

Figure End-to-End Delay As shown in Figuresome forms of delay are longer, although accepted, because no other alternatives exist. In satellite transmission, for example, it takes approximately ms for a transmission to reach the satellite, and another ms for it to come back down to Earth. This results in a total delay of ms.

Although the ITU-T recommendation notes that this is outside the acceptable range of voice quality, many conversations occur every day over satellite links. As such, voice quality is often defined as what users will accept and use. In an unmanaged, congested network, queuing delay can add up to two seconds of delay or result in the packet being dropped.

This lengthy period of delay is unacceptable in almost any voice network. Queuing delay is only one component of end-to-end delay. Another way end-to-end delay is affected is through jitter.The child of a Terran botanist and astrophysicist, Liv is both a brilliant scientist and a first-generation spacer.

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