Article review cjus300

It is important for students of sociology to understand the importance of research as well as the value. To fully comprehend research, sociologists must know how to analyze and evaluate research.

Article review cjus300

The purpose of the Article Review assignment is to provide you with experience in the identification, location, and analysis of scholarly-quality information relating to the criminal justice field. For your Article Review assignment, you will research and select a peer-reviewed, scholarly-quality article from a quality web-based resource.

That article will discuss a criminal justice management, administration, or leadership topic. You may address any general administration, management, or leadership subtopic that you find generally addressed in the Peak text. This leaves the selection of the general topic of the article up to you.

However, the major focus of that article must be on a relevant justice management, administration, or leadership issue. As an example, if you have an interest in the corrections area of the general criminal justice field, you may focus your efforts on corrections.

However, the article that you review must be on a management related topic that is within the general scope of the corrections field.

Article review cjus300

Granting you the discretion to pick a specific subject area to research is not an open invitation to write on any subject that you just happen to like.

Keep your focus for this assignment within the general scope of the Administration of Justice Organizations course. Address how the administrative, management, or leadership concepts and ideas presented in the article apply to justice administration.

In other words, you are telling why this particular article has some merit to the study of criminal justice administration and how you are making a biblical connection to the content of the article. Your review paper must be 2—3 pages and be double-spaced.

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The article must be less than 5 years old. You must include a brief discussion of 2 Bible verses that have a relevant reference to the main theme of the article. Current APA in the body of the review is the required format. Your use of the Liberty University Online Student Library Services or similar library research facilities will be relevant to your successful completion of this assignment.

It is highly unlikely that you will locate appropriate peer-reviewed journals or articles by only using a Google type search. The type of article that you are seeking is also known as a peer-reviewed article, or a scholarly journal article. Here are some key elements for you to look for to ensure that you have located an appropriate article.

Peer-reviewed articles are commonly written by experts in a particular field, reviewed by the publications staff, reviewed by other experts in that field, and printed in scholarly journals that focus on that particular field of study.

In meeting the requirements of this assignment, you are not looking for articles that one typically finds in general interest magazines such as Time, Newsweek, People, etc. Rather, you are looking for scholarly journals that commonly report original research or details of theories of information that pertain to a specific field of criminal justice administration.

A scholarly journal article will use specialized or technical vocabulary that is specific to that field and will provide documentation of a number of sources that will be used in the article by listing specifics in multiple footnotes or a detailed bibliography.

The article will also normally include at least an overview of the academic credentials of the author. The journal in which the article appears will normally not contain advertisements. The New England Journal of Medicine is an example of one such scholarly journal from the medical field.

You may also review public library search engines or the library website of most major universities for assistance in understanding these definitions. You will note that you have not been provided an example of a specific criminal justice-oriented, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.

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Conducting the necessary research to locate a relevant scholarly journal as a source of a specific, peer-reviewed article for this assignment is an important element of the assignment.

While as a class you are encouraged to collaborate on the research aspect of this assignment, you are expected to independently complete the analysis and writing portion of the assignment.

Your analysis must be provided in current APA format. The Article Review paper will be submitted through SafeAssign and is due by You May Also Like.Read this free Miscellaneous Research Paper and other term papers, research papers and book reports.

Cjus Research Paper "reacting to officer Involved Shootings". Running Head: OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTINGS 1 Officer Involved Shootings Brennen Lawson Liberty University Criminal Justice , Section B04 Professor Conn /5(1). ARTICLE REVIEW CJUS B06 1 country people tend to have a depiction of the police officer doing their duties correctly in regards to serving the public.

Unfortunately, throughout the past years there has been police violence, misconduct, corruption and unlawful shootings regarding civilians%(13). CJUS Article Review Instructions The focus of this course is on the management, administration, and/or leadership aspects of criminal justice organizations.

 Child Obesity Article Review HCS/ September 7, Ahmed Jamal Child Obesity Article Review A leading community health issue throughout the world would be obesity.

The Albemarle Regional Health Services in Perquimans County offers informative education about obesity. The background provides the ability to educate patients and family with the skills needed to self-manage his or her health.

View Notes - CJUS Article Review_ from CJUS at Liberty University. ARTICLE REVIEW CJUS B06 1 Article Review Taylor Liberty University Online CJUS B06 February 6, Police89%(9).

CJUS Research Paper.

Article review cjus300

Abstract. Recruitment of qualified law enforcement of underrepresented groups especially females, continues to be a concern affecting large and small police departments.

It would be necessary to take a closer look and what works and what does not work. CJUS Article Review. Next CJUS Discussion Board 1.

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