Bshrm students

Description of the Project1.

Bshrm students

Municipality of Calinog, strategically located at the center of Panay Island, has its share of environmental hazard nightmares. Modified, partly adapted instrument attempted to collect information from respondents.

Significant relationships between the environmental literacy and concern; and between environmental literacy and disaster preparedness have been observed.

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Generally, students are environmentally literate, concerned, prepared during disasters occurrence. Significant variations occur in environmental literacy, concern, Bshrm students disaster preparedness among respondents categorized according to course while no variations occurred among others.

Environmental literacy is associated with environmental concern and disaster preparedness while environmental concern not associated with disaster preparedness.

Hence, educational institutions must do their share. Keywords-- Environmental Science, environment, literacy, concern, disaster preparedness, assessment, Iloilo, Philippines I.

Its impact is felt everywhere Jalaur River suffered tremendously because most of for it hits all areas worldwide in different intensities and them lost their homes and valuable personal belongings. The global community is experiencing Unusual landslides also occurred which have not an increasing number of disasters that range in all forms happened in previous calamities on the mountainous of great devastation Rambau, All of these could be attributed to forest tsunami in Japan, tsunami in Thailand, typhoon and denudation.

There were even cases of death and if flood in China and many countries around the globe are people were prepared they could not Bshrm students suffered like recorded in the history of natural calamities.

Another what had happened.

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The country change in society specifically on environmental issues. Weather forecast integration and disaster mitigation. The best hope for may not be able to reach the far flung barangays and if learning to live sustainably lies in schooling that is they do people may lack awareness and preparedness on "smart by nature.

Bshrm students

Teachers are in a prime position to be able to location, and number of household members; to test the weave these basics throughout the curriculum at every significant difference in the environmental literacy, grade level Center for Ecoliteracy, According to North American Association for Campus when categorized according to sex, age, Environmental Education or NAAEEan course, year level, residence location, and number of environmentally literate person knows that; their daily household members; to test the relationship between choices affect the environment, how those choices can environmental literacy and concern of the students; to help or harm the environment, and what they need to test the relationship between environmental literacy and do- individually or as a part of a community — to keep environmental preparedness of the students; and to test the environment healthy and sustain Its resources, so relationship between environmental concern and that people enjoy a good quality of life for themselves environmental preparedness of the students of West and their children.

This descriptive-correlational research study aimed It is an undeniable fact that natural calamities are to assess the environmental literacy, concern and perennial problems worldwide that has great impact on disaster preparedness of the students of West Visayas the life of people, national economy and environmental State University Calinog Campus as evidenced by their degradation.

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The occurrence of natural disasters are environmental knowledge both in the literacy and uncontrollable and its adverse effects unpredictable and emotional aspect and moreover on their disaster there is a need to orient people on disaster preparations.

A Contingency plans should be done by local officials questionnaire is a written instrument that contained a who will also direct in the proper implementation of the series of responses to relevant questions on items that plan.

The plan should be systematic in order to attain attempted to collect information in a particular topic peace and harmony. The researcher was intrigued with the events four parts: Part One was used to gather the following and the plight of people and decided to find out how information about the respondent: Name, Sex, Age, aware these people on ecology as well as on the natural Course, Year Level, Residence Location, and Number disaster occurrence, moreover, their means of of Household Members.

Part Two had three areas. Area A was on Environmental Literacy 22 items. Area B was on II. Area C was on This study aimed to assess the environmental Disaster Preparedness 20 items. The mean score was Campus as evidenced by their environmental converted to its description using the measuring knowledge both in the literacy and emotional aspect and instrument devised by the researcher based on moreover on their disaster preparedness.

Bshrm students

This was done determine the level of environmental literacy, by subtracting the lowest weight of one from the highest environmental concern and disaster preparedness of the score of twenty two to find the range which was divided students of West Visayas State University Calinog by five since there were five categories of responses.

Campus when taken as a whole and when categorized The quotient which is 4.By studying health informatics and information management, students will acquire a versatile yet focused skill set incorporating clinical, information technology, leadership, and management skills.

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Because of this unique blend, BSHIIM graduates will be able to choose from a variety of work settings across an array of healthcare environments. The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) program is geared towards equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to provide quality service in the hospitality industry.

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