Business plan nz govt bonds

Most people start out on a Entrepreneur Work Visa, which allows you to move to New Zealand and buy or establish a business. After either six months or two years you can then apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category. Entrepreneur Work Visa This three year work visa is structured in two stages: If your application is approved, you will initially be given a month work visa, enabling you to buy or establish your business in New Zealand.

Business plan nz govt bonds

Matthew Whitehead - Date published: I thought those of you not wanting to read about the TPP could enjoy an alternative post, and we did happen to have a replacement to one Steven Joyce announced recently.

A man who did what Ruth Richardson did would likely not have been so universally reviled after the fact, sadly, and may arguably have been regarded as a sound but mean-spirited fiscal manager. This post is going to be heavy on the economics, so apologies in advance, but you all probably know by now my penchant to be heavy on policy and theory.

Modern Monetary Theory from now on, MMT is interested largely in countries with a sovereign currency. Being the country in control of creating and destroying a type of money is the relevant thing Rather than being overly concerned with cycles like Keynes, MMT instead reframes that concept by talking about the overall supply of money3 and whether it is sufficient, too scarce, or too common for the desired supply of real goods and services available within a country, and advocates using fiscal policy to control both inflation and unemployment by trying to get this number exactly right in terms of both supply and circulation of business plan nz govt bonds.

The key to understanding MMT is to think of net government spending as creating money, and net government surplus as destroying it- this is precisely backwards to our usual thinking of budgets, but it is actually precisely accurate in terms of how fiat money, the type of currency we all trade in today, works.

Taxation has a triple purpose under MMT: In reality, we actually do borrow money, rather than print it all when we go into deficit, because it has a better record of cushioning inflationary effects, but the important thing is that we retain the option to print money if we need to, which inherently improves business plan nz govt bonds financial position If those citizens make your resources into useful products, and offer useful skills, and you have access to the infrastructure you need to transport goods around and people to places they can use your services, then you have created significant demand for your fiat currency.

From this perspective, initially, the idea of limits on government spending for a country like New Zealand seem something of a nonsense- money is imaginary, we can just wish debt out of existence, and hey! In reality, debts paid off or recessions powered through by increasing the money supply are often inflationary4, and inflation acts a lot like a flat tax on the economy, meaning that things causing significant inflation are undesirable.

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This is why to some degree Keynesianism worked- because often, surpluses in boom times and deficits in lean times are advisable, so long as your economy tends to balance well between recession and growth. This is me being incredibly friendly in my assumptions to Mr. And even that is no guarantee of disaster.

We would still be in a very low-inflation position. And we are definitely nowhere near at risk of even needing to use quantitative easing to pay back debt yet, let alone having high inflation. While I am fine with many of the Budget Responsibility rules6, Labour should understand that rather than always wanting to reduce debt, it should instead always be capable of reducing debt, but it should, ideally, wait to do so until our economy is overheated and needs a dose of cool water to start running surpluses, like Cullen did.

It puts the country on the most solid of financial grounds, and by refusing to give up deficit spending during lean years, it sets us up to run those surpluses later. The party should also understand that if inflation is a problem, the solution, to a reasonable extent, is new taxes. Kiwis are pretty under-taxed by OECD standards, at As usual, the Greens have the obvious policy here: Selling a cheaper house and buying a more expensive one would incur zero tax Genuine landlords could buy properties with the intent of holding on to them for the rent, but speculators and renovators would now pay tax on their income.

If we do need policy to address those situations, though, we could potentially allow those paying off their only mortgage to consider that a capital loss. National is trying to manoeuvre the Labour-NZF-Green government into sacrificing deficit spending with its economic rhetoric, when in fact they should concentrate on increasing wages, balancing spending to the productive economy and against inflation and unemployment, and spend to address the infrastructure deficit, ignoring the debt entirely until such time as the economy starts over-performing, and then start running surpluses.

I talk politics on MJWhitehead on twitter, so if you want to ask me questions or discuss EQC in general, that is the place. I have my defenses of it and my criticisms. My expertise was in contents, invoice reimbursement, internally it was called Urgent Works small-value building cash settlement, and on-average-small-value cash settlement for multiple-unit buildings.

I can only give general impressions on anything else I have gone into a bit of detail here because I expect this subject not to be mentioned in the comments please. Seriously, I will make you fail your Econ exams.

I know the bits relating to government policy chiefly, not the rest, and I cheated by having a professional economist to discuss things with.

This is, coincidentally, an excellent theoretical explanation for the observations in the Spirit Level: Joyce, after completely abandoning any pretense he can in fact read spreadsheets, add up to I will say that these items are highly controversial and do not necessarily have the same sort of mandate from Green members that their own policy package does, or even the rest of the budget rules.

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Germany, a country whose fiscal policy has been described as unnecessarily fiscally tight compared to the rest of the Eurozone, has three times more debt-to-GDP ratio than Labour wants to maintain in the long run.

This is an actual example of hyperinflation in pre-war Germany. Wayback machined the URL Share this:NZ Ready planning tool. NZ Ready is a free online tool to help you plan your move to New Zealand, ensuring you know how things work here and have a hassle-free move.

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business plan nz govt bonds

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