Comprehensive classroom technology communication plan

Teachers can enhance instruction by integrating technology into the classroom through the use of computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Comprehensive classroom technology communication plan

The Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan is a major part of accomplishing my goal as a teacher. Also, I learned how important social media and the ethical use of technology will be to my students and myself along with make sure I incorporate future technology into my lesson plans. Thinking through the lessons and activities each week made me develop rational thoughts and action plans to accomplish my vision and mission statements.

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan - Technology

Influence minority students to enter into the math, engineering and technology fields. Page 1 Using invited teaching methods, the latest technology and showing the beauty and joy within math to increase the number of risk, low income and minority students interested and invested into the math, engineering and technology fields beyond high school.

Queen Creek High School, the school my daughter attends, uses a web site called Jupiter. On this website I can see all my daughter classes along with grades, attendance and her teacher can leave note or email me. I am going to assume that the school that I am teaching high school math at will use a form of a website like Jupiter.

I also going to assume that the website that the school is using will cover all of the Internet security and school safety requirements built into it.

That is why I will use that system to do most of my communication between my students, their parents and myself.

The second form of communication I plan to implement during my first year of teaching is a class website that I feel will have an impact on my vision and mission statement. As I stated in those statement I want to influence young people, who are growing up like I did, to enter into the math, engineering and technology fields and one Page 2 of the biggest way that I think I will be able to influence my students and other students from other schools is by developing a user friendly and entertaining website.

I have a friend who left Intel Corporation to start his own software design, web design company and we have started to work my ideas for this user friendly and entertaining website. Another thing I would like my website to do is to allow the students to interact with each other and other students from around the world.

Students will be able to help each other with homework and projects from their class. They will be able to post their assignments and ideas on the site, so future students of class and even other students from around the world can access them for guidance.

Comprehensive classroom technology communication plan

I will maintain the website, but without knowing the laws and school policies at the school and area I will be teaching in, I am not sure how much interaction I will have with them though the website Defranco, My first year as a high school math teacher should be one of the changeling year in my teaching career.

To help me make it though, I plan on using the school website to communicate with my students and their family. I also plan on implementing my website to assist my students with my class and through the content inside it motivate my students to the wonderful careers within the math, science, engineering and technology field.

Page 3 Integrating Instructional Technology I never found math fun or exciting as I attended high school.

Comprehensive classroom technology communication plan

But, after joining the Navy, getting hired at Intel and taking math courses in college, I now see how impact full math is to the world of technology and can help students in the life.

Now that I am going to be a future high school math teacher, I want to influence minority students to enter into the technology fields. I believe I can accomplish my goal by incorporating technology into my classroom and teaching method.

When I was taking math back in my high school years in the late eightiesit was not very fun for me. I felt that it was all about memorization and could not see how it was going to help me in the future. I got good grades, I did not apply myself as hard as I could.

By the time I realized that math was the key to engineering, it was too late for me to make an impression on a good college. So I went into the military, the nuclear program within the United State Navy.

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My first year in the Navy I attend power school, where they taught me nothing but math, science, and engineering principles all that before I was able to touch a nuclear reactor. While completing my naval school, I realized how important math was and why it needs to be pushed to kids like me.

I had an instructor named Scott Adams and he had the most racial teaching style I ever saw. He believed in group work, integrating projects and presentations in the lesson plans, he even used technology to enforce the lessons. He would show his students how Page 4 to get a line regression answers and graphs on Texas Instrument calculators he had a worksheet writing for all models of the TI.Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Brittany Morrow Grand Canyon University: EDU July 3, Abstract This paper is a personal technology plan that includes my personal philosophy on integrating technology in the classroom as well as my professional goals concerning technology in .

Bryon Cortes EDU August 18, Professor Brooks Bryon's Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan The reason I want to become a high school math teacher within a poorer area of America is to help students that grow up like me to get integrated into the technology field through college or joining the work force at high school.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and teachers should integrate technology into the classroom to enhance learning and communication. This paper will name specific technological tools that can be used to enhance communication between teachers, parents, students, and the global community. Caula Rogers Eng English Composition 1 03/30/ Dr.

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Victoria Smith Impact of ADHD on a Child’s Schooling Children with ADHD generally have trouble in school, only because school causes many trials for children with ADHD. The cons of using the new technology is copyrights have to be updated, teachers run upon different things from predators that are not acceptable in the classroom and the information may be too hard to understand or the level may not be set to the classroom.

Comprehensive Technology Plan EDU Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan My mission is to incorporate technology strategies in the classroom as much as possible, while following the guidelines set out by the state curriculum.

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