Dr. m. sivakumar scientific research and essays

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Dr. m. sivakumar scientific research and essays

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Received 15 August, ; Accepted 26 September, Fire is a common disturbance factor in Mediterranean ecosystems. It is a very spectacular ecological force because it destroys ecosystems in a very short time.

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Insect groups are commonly used as indicators to evaluate habitat changes after disturbances. In this study, the successional changes were evaluated by the composition of ground beetles communities in East Mediterranean pine forests.

Ground beetle fauna was investigated using pit-fall traps at 17 sampling sites in Pinus brutia forests burned in different times. Plant species richness, vegetation and surface characteristics were measured as microhabitat variables in the study sites and the relationships between ground beetle abundance and microhabitat variables were estimated with Pearson Correlation Analysis.

As a result, it was determined that recolonization of ground beetle communities did not occur in early successional stages. In the sites burned 9, 16 and 26 years ago, that represent middle and late successional stages, the abundance and species richness of Carabidae were higher and then decrease again in mature pine forest.

The relationships between microhabitat parameters and Carabidae abundance were estimated and changes of ground beetle communities depending on microhabitat structure were not determined.

Carabidae, disturbance, Mediterranean, succession, fire. Post fire regeneration of vegetation in every level of biological organisation hierarchies and life-hisory traits has been studied intensively Thanos et al.

Dr. m. sivakumar scientific research and essays

Changes of forest habitat structure and vegetation after disturbance make lead changes in the structure and dynamics of faunal communities. The effects of fire on faunal communities and changes of faunal community dynamics after fire concentrated on more affects especially to insects and small mammals Prodonet al.

Direct effects of fires include mortality, forced emigration Whelan,or immigration of pyrophilous insects that are favored by fire Wikars, ; Wikars and Schimmel, Indirect effects of fire mostly depend on vegetational changes.Dr.

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Scientific Research and Essays (SRE) is an open access journal with the objective of publishing quality research articles in science, medicine, agriculture and engineering such as Nanotechnology, Climate Change and Global Dr.

M. Sivakumar Ph.D. (Tech). Associate Professor. School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering. Faculty of Engineering.

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