Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank

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Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank

The recession effects have forced the banks to look into more effective utilisation of internal resources and their potential. Human resources are recognised as the key element in successful business navigation through difficult market conditions, including competition with other banks and non- banking financial institutions.

This is even more important for the banks operating in developing countries, where the effects of the recession are considerably harsher. Many studies have acknowledged the direct link between productivity and the level of employee satisfaction.

This work aims to establish and recognise some of the main factors associated with the job satisfaction of banking employees in the Federation of BiH and provide useful guidance to bank managers in this region and beyond, as a contribution to their continuous improvement efforts in business and people management during these challenging times.

The research is predominantly based on the survey conducted in the banking sector of the Federation of BiH in The survey sample covers respondents that represent 7. The analysis of survey results, supported by empirical research and the review of related literature, revealed that job satisfaction amongst the bankers is determined by a wide spectrum of factors such as: Self-only reliance is the common situation of many financial and non-financial organisations that are trying to survive the global recession.

Therefore, it is an imperative for banks and financial organisations to fully mobilise and utilise the available resources associated with people, as well as their liquid and non-liquid assets.

Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank

Some of the common reasons behind staff underutilisation are associated not only with the workforce excess, standards and expectations discrepancy, inadequate skills or abilities of employees, but also with lack of motivation, high absenteeism, and staff turnover. The relevance of the job satisfaction among bank employees to the overall bank performance becomes even more important under the challenging conditions associated with the global recession, especially due to the accompanying increase in non-performing loans NPLs and the cost of provisions for potential losses associated with credit, as well as the consequent fall in profitability.

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The research into available literature did not identify any similar job satisfaction surveys of the banking sector employees being conducted in this region, thus the importance of the results is that much more significant. The main objectives of this survey are: Although in recent decades the topic has become more popular pat of the business and financial studies, the ideas of the individual satisfaction being an important performance factor in business can be found in various psychology and human behaviour research in early and midth century.

Abraham Maslow, one of the notable researchers of that period developed a set of theories associated with personal individual needs. However, further analysis using Multiple Regression showed that only four factors were significant: Three decades earlier some of cross-cultural factors were explored in the applied psychology work of Sekaran and Mowday through the analysis of job involvement and showed strong importance of the psychological identification of employees with their job.

A Study of Job Satisfaction of Employees of ICICI Bank in Himachal Pradesh

Also, Sekaran conducted a study in the late eighties involving bank employees, focusing on the workplace and quality of life factors and sense of competence. The results showed that personal, job and organisational factors heavily influence the sense of competence and individual achievement, which directly influenced employee job satisfaction and positively impacted on the business outcomes Sekaran, Sowmya and Panchanatham researched job satisfaction of employees of several public as well as private sector banks in India.

Using the factor analysis by principle component method on a large number of variables affecting the job satisfaction, the five predominant factors were identified: The researchers concluded that, while the pay and promotion are the primary and indispensable requirements for the satisfied employee, the managerial and organisational aspects are also highly valued.

In Kamal and Sengupta conducted a research into job satisfaction of a specific subset of bank employees: This critical role acts as a link between management and clerical staff and largely sets the culture of the overall organisational communication.

According to their research, job satisfaction of bank officers is related to various variables such as age, occupational level, size of the organization, organizational climate, educational qualifications, economic background, size of the family, and gender.This study aims to analyze the impact of rewards and recognition on employees job satisfaction and motivation in private banks of Tirunelveli city.

In this study data were.

Employee motivation and job satisfaction in a bank

A study of this research is on the effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction to CIMB Bank Berhdad. CIMB Bank Berhdad is a bank that CIMB Group is Malaysia's second largest financial services provider and one of Southeast Asia's leading universal banking groups.

The motivation of banks employee plays a major role in achieving high level of satisfaction among its customers. Tanzania Postal Bank like other Banks and financial institutions is struggling to earn as employee motivation on job performance.

The present paper makes an effort to study the job satisfaction level among employees of selected private and public sector banks in Ludhiana. Bank jobs have always remained the first preference. motivation and job satisfaction of the employee (Ali and Ahmed, ). Smith et al.

() defined the job satisfaction as the level to which an individual has a positive attitude towards his job, either in general or towards a specific dimension. The job satisfaction have been analysed under two main variables namely organization structure and policy related factors and pharmacist’ specific factors.

The study has sampled sixty.

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