How to write an if and then statement in excel

It's a great way to compare lists of names, text, dates, or numbers. It's also important to note that the case doesn't matter when comparing text. The following formula will return TRUE. For this we can use Excel's IF function.

How to write an if and then statement in excel

Copy it, and then go back to your excel worksheet. Go to cell A1 (or another empty cell, if you want to put the data elsewhere), and then select “Edit” from the menu bar. Select “Paste Special” and then “Text” from the popup box. If you import data into Excel then you will have probably used Excel’s CSV import routines and have no doubt got frustrated that Excel’s default is to see all the number columns as . The IF() function in Excel allows you to evaluate a situation which has two possible outcomes (e.g. sales are greater than $) and calculate a different value for each outcome.

To better illustrate the point, let's have a look at a few IF examples with multiple conditions. The first score, stored in column C, must be equal to or greater than The second score, listed in column D, must be equal to or exceed Only when both of the above conditions are met, a student passes the final exam.

Otherwise, the formula returns "Fail". Such behavior is a bit unusual since in most of programming languages, subsequent conditions are not tested if any of the previous tests has returned FALSE. The avoid this, you should use a nested IF function: So, if we modify the above formula in the following way: As you see in the screenshot below, our students have a better chance to pass the final exam with such conditions Scott being particularly unlucky failing by just 1 point: In the above table, suppose you have the following criteria to evaluate the students' success: The formula might seem tricky, but in a moment, you will see that it is not!

You just have to express two conditions as AND statements and enclose them in the OR function since you do not require both conditions to be met, either will suffice: You can use as many logical functions as your business logic requires, provided that: In Excel, andyour formula includes no more than arguments, and the total length of the formula does not exceed 8, characters.

how to write an if and then statement in excel

In Excel and lower, you can use up to 30 arguments and the total length of your formula shall not exceed 1, characters. These multiple IF functions are called nested IF functions and they may prove particularly useful if you want your formula to return 3 or more different results.

Here's a typical example: It's considered a good practice to start with the most important condition and make your functions as simple as possible.

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Our Excel nested IF formula is as follows: Naturally, you can nest more IF functions if you want to. You may need such a formula if you want to evaluate every element of the array when the IF statement is carried out.

And then, the SUM function adds up the resulting 1's and 2's, as shown in the screenshot below. Now, let's see what other Excel functions can be used with IF and what benefits this gives to you. As you remember, we added a new column with the formula that calculates the total of scores in columns C and D.

how to write an if and then statement in excel

But what if your table has a predefined structure that does not allow any modifications? In this case, instead of adding a helper column, you could add values directly in your If formula, like this: Summing so many figures directly in the IF formula would make it enormously big.

F is equal to or greater than 30, "Satisfactory" if the average score is between 29 and 25 inclusive, and "Poor" if less than Assuming that column F is the total score column, the below formulas work a treat: In addition, Excel provides a number of special IF functions to analyze and calculate data based on different conditions.

For the detailed step-by-step formula examples, check out the following tutorials:In Part 1 of our Excel IF function tutorial, we started to learn the nuts and bolts of the Excel IF you remember, we discussed a few IF formulas for numbers, dates and text values as well as how to write an IF statement for blank and non-blank cells.

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Type your first name in cell A1 and your last name in cell B1. Then type the following formula in cell C1. Find Excel financial templates for all kinds of functions here. Most of our financial Excel templates are available for free.

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