Long term effect of the pentagon papers

Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy. He reportedly added that these events "swung American public opinion in our favor. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey have overseen virtually all the litigation.

Long term effect of the pentagon papers

Stone and philosopher Bertrand Russell strongly influenced Gravel in their willingness to challenge assumptions and oppose social convention and political authority. Army for a three-year term so that he could get into the Counterintelligence Corps. Gravel "decided to become a pioneer in a faraway place," [16] and moved to pre-statehood Alaska in Augustwithout funds or a job, looking for a place where someone without social or political connections could be a viable candidate for public office.

With the support of Alaska wholesale grocer Barney Gottstein and supermarket builder Larry Carr, [2] [21] Gravel ran for the Alaska House of Representatives representing Anchorage ininitially assigned the 10th and then 8th districts, and won.

In his first term, he served as a minority member on two House committees: Commerce, and Labor and Management. Taylor to not try for the position against him by promising Taylor chairmanship of the Rules Committee, then reneged on the promise.

House of Representativeslosing in a primary to four-term incumbent Democrat Ralph Rivers [19] by 1, votes [21] and splitting the Democratic party in the process.

Following his defeat, Gravel returned to the real estate business in Anchorage. Rasmusona banker and former mayor of Anchorage. Gravel was also initially named to the Joint Committee on Congressional Operations. Department of Defense was in the process of performing tests for the nuclear warhead for the Spartan anti-ballistic missile.

Two tests, the "Milrow" and "Cannikin" testswere planned, involving the detonation of nuclear bombs under Amchitka Island in Alaska. The Milrow test would be a one megaton calibration exercise for the second, and larger five megaton, Cannikin test, which would measure the effectiveness of the warhead.

Gravel opposed the tests in Congress. Before the Milrow test took place in Octoberhe wrote that there were significant risks of earthquakes and other adverse consequences, and called for an independent national commission on nuclear and seismic safety to be created; [42] he then made a personal appeal to President Nixon to stop the test.

Atomic Energy Commission hearings held in Anchorage, in which he said the risk of the test was not worth taking. Supreme Courtwhich declined to issue an injunction against it, [45] and the Cannikin test took place as scheduled in November Justice Department immediately tried to halt publication, on the grounds that the information revealed within the papers harmed the national interest.

Supreme Court for arguments. Ellsberg arranged for the papers to be given to Gravel on June 26 [6] via an intermediary, Washington Post editor Ben Bagdikian.

Long term effect of the pentagon papers

United States decision ruled in favor of the newspapers [64] and publication in The Times and others resumed. In JulyBantam Books published an inexpensive paperback edition of the papers containing the material The Times had published. United States court case, which the U.

Griffin and William B. Likely presidential nominee George McGovern was in fact considering the unusual move of naming three or four acceptable vice-presidential candidates and letting the delegates choose.

For his efforts, Gravel attracted some attention: Thompson said Gravel "probably said a few things that might have been worth hearing, under different circumstances Re-election to Senate in [ edit ] C.

After eight years of representing Anchorage in the Alaska SenateLewis won the Republican nomination and challenged Gravel in the election.

Several years earlier, Alaska politicians had speculated that Gravel would have a hard time getting both renominated and elected when his first term expired, [40] given that he was originally elected without a base party organization and tended to focus on national rather than local issues.

Lewis, who was a national officer of the John Birch Society. Congressional staff clerk Elizabeth Ray who was already the subject of a sex scandal that led to the downfall of Representative Wayne Hays stated that in Augustshe had sex with Gravel aboard a houseboat on the Potomac Riverunder the instruction of Representative Kenneth J.

Grayher boss at the time. Passage of the amendment became the key battle regarding the pipeline. On July 17,in a dramatic roll call vote, the Gravel amendment was approved as a 49—49 tie was broken in favor by Vice President Spiro Agnew.

In opposition to the Alaskan fishing industryGravel advocated American participation in the formation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

He was one of only 19 senators to vote against Senate approval for the expanded zone in[] saying it would undermine the U. Gravel helped secure a private grant to facilitate the first Inuit Circumpolar Conference in[] attended by Inuit representatives from Alaska, Canadaand Greenland.

These conferences now also include representatives from Russia. InGravel helped lead an effort to have the U. Subsequently, Gravel proposed a never-built "Denali City" development above the Tokositna River near the mountain, to consist of a giant Teflon dome enclosing hotels, golf courses, condominiums, and commercial buildings.Rich also notes that like the Pentagon Papers the WikiLeaks boasted no big reveal, but that the long-term effect may be similar.

No, the logs won’t change the course of our very long war in. Go to Volume 1, Chapter 5 of the Pentagon Papers, "Origins of the Insurgency in South Vietnam, ," pp. Go to Volume 2, Chapter 1 of the Pentagon Papers, "The Kennedy Commitments and Programs, ,"pp.

Independent news is more important than ever. Sign up to get the best of The Nation in your inbox every weekday. The Pentagon Papers: Excerpt and Links. THE COMPLETE PENTAGON PAPERS ONLINE (NATIONAL ARCHIVES SITE) "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force" (7, pages in .

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Dec 17,  · A chilling effect on the press. By Anderson is deeply troubled about the long‐term effect of the deci sion. Although the press won the court fight over publication of the Pentagon Papers.

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