On the field with mia hamm

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On the field with mia hamm

Dec 18, Madee Bruns rated it liked it I loved this book about Mia Hamm its really interesting if you enjoy or play soccer! She was one of the greatest soccer players.

It tells all about her and her journey to being a soccer player. It also gives tips and some of her personal stories.

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I do recommend this book for anyone who likes sports and I would probably read this book again! Nov 06, Kylie K rated it really liked it I loved this book because it talks about a famous soccer player called Mia Hamm and I love soccer so it really realtes to me because I love playing this sport.

It really shows how Mia is a really great soccer player and person. I loved this book I think more people should read it.

Chapter Analysis of On The Field With Mia Hamm

Jan 27, Michelle Gomez rated it it was amazing On the field with Mia Hamm is a sports book and it was written by Matt Christopher. The main character is Mia Hamm. She wanted to be a soccer player when she was little. But her parents wanted her to try other sports.

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Then her parents decided to put Mia Hamm in a soccer team. I feel about this book is that It helps people that want to learn how to play soccer or try to get inspire to be like Mia Hamm.

The biggest fear her parents are her getting hurt. It was published sep. What surprise me about the book was the ending. But the thing is that it is shocking Mia Hamm will not do it but she did.

Cause she wanted to. I didnt like the ending because it was hurtful the way she did it. I wonder if she will start to play more. So she can teach other people. I will give this book a 4 cause it got my attention. Also cause it was a really good book to read. Plus who does not like sports book.

This book gave a lot of details about Mia Hamm. This book will gave your attention really quick.

On the field with mia hamm

Like it got my attention. I hope the people that love sport should read books from Matt Christopher. Their team won the whole entire thing and where Olympic gold medalist!

I also enjoyed learning about all the training camps she went to before the World Cup tryouts. I recommend this book to everyone and especially big soccer fans. If you have read books about Hope Solo or other soccer players then you will like this book!

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She has fought and worked really hard to be where she is today. She has trained so hard to be one of the greatest players ever. She does everything she can while she plays and that is why her team mates love having her on their team.

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WARNING: This story is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 (or whatever age is legal for viewing adult material where you live).

This story is entirely fictional in every conceivable way, including within the bounds of our . Product Description Whether you are a US Soccer or Mia Hamm fan or you have a fan in your.

At the top of the sport's list of star players is Mia Hamm. Her speed, aggressive play, and ability to "read the field" have sparked every team she's ever played on.

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Mia Hamm: On the Field with by Matt Christopher