Pengertian cross cutting dalam editing services

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Pengertian cross cutting dalam editing services

pengertian cross cutting dalam editing services

The biological and reproductive unit most commonly found in the United States is the mother-father-child group. Ordinarily the parents are married, have established a residence of their own, are viewed along with their children as an integral social unit, and live in an intimate, monogamous relationship.

Emphasis in American marriage is on pursuit of love in a romanticized way and on the individual happiness, rather than on family bonds, as in many other cultures. Yet, kinship ties are usually recognized on both sides of the family. In many situations, however, a child may grow up in a family that differs from the typical one just described.

An aunt, uncle, or grandparent may be a continuing member of the household unit; one or the other parent may be absent because of death, divorce, illegitimacy, military service, or occupation involving travel.

Families in which only one parent is living full-time with offspring are called single-parent families.

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Though death and illegitimacy may cause the family to have only one parent, disvorce of the natural parents is the more common cause. In most cases, these families have undergone a major change in their life-style. A parent may have died either suddenly or after a long illness.

If the parents are divorced, the family may have experienced considerable disruption prior to the breakup. These families, and society, may ignore the changed family structure, since they do not fit the traditional social norm, thereby putting even more stress on people attempting to deal with the situation.

In the single-parent family, the children may experience grief for the absent parent, guilt for their real or imagined part in the loss, shame for the change in their family structure, and fear about what changes the future may bring. Each person may have to assume additional responsibilities and tasks.


Parents may change their life-styles. For example, mother may go to work or school; father may move into an apartment; or both parents may begin dating.

An adolescent may serve as a parent substitute to younger siblings, or other children may assume new household tasks. The initial task of this family is to accept its family structure as a workable option for family living. Often an open discussion of the changed life-style, along with support from relatives, friends, and other single-parent families, enhances the problem-solving abilities of these persons.

These families may be formed in a variety of ways: In-laws and several sets of grandparents complete the picture. This family is now a far cry from the typical nuclear family, and the interaction becomes increasingly complex.Marc Cerutti productions offers high-end video production, post and editing services from San Antonio, Texas production facilities If we're missing a business and you'd like to make a suggestion, please do!

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pengertian cross cutting dalam editing services

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