Rencontre ton idole

Toute la foule se tenait sur le rivage.

Rencontre ton idole

When we did meet, a few days later in the swirling exchange of the Congress itself, his keen interest and focused attention to the ideas of a young person he had just met—with a bear hug—offered me great encouragement to carry forward my piece of the work at hand.

It has been a comfort and inspiration to know that Taghi was continuing his great work in the world, and his absence is palpable, even on so brief a meeting.

Jean-Claude Nguinguiri 27 July at Tero Mustonen 26 July at There was an evening event with some international guests organised by the main hosts of the evening at the Koli Community House. Huddled in the corner, as the Finnish programme was going on, I saw a somehow familiar form.

He seemed to be asleep. I went closer and lo and behold — it is Taghi Farvar! The mutual surprise was rather big.

He was not aware that our HQ was so close. Here we were at the extreme Northeastern corner of Europe, in North Karelia, Finland, and in a small community house we discover each other. As the evening went on, Taghi quietly asked, whether we could make a get-away to the Snowchange HQ village of Selkie, 60 kms away, and whether he could stay with us for the night.

I discussed this with the Finnish hosts in Koli and they, rather surprised, agreed to this request. And off we went, Kaisu, the head of our biodiversity unit, Taghi and myself in my old Citroen Jumper from which we deliver our commercial fish catches.

Torrential rains mixed with intense discussions about the Snowchange and ICCA cooperation, our operational areas in North America, Finland and Siberia and the histories of our villages. As usual, Taghi was direct, challenged and listened as only he could.

We arrived in the old growth of Havukkavaara forest around 10 pm. We made plans for the next day, as I d need to deliver Taghi to the hosts who continued their Finnish tour at noon. Unfortunately nothing worked and the fight to protect this precious forest spilled into the international realm that year.

We walked across the Havukkavaara forest into the clear-cut part of the forest. We stopped at the surviving forests edge with tall Scots pines and Norway spruce standing tall.

The forest is now fully protected with community traditional land use rights secured, including our communal moose hunt. I said to Taghi: This is the forest you saved.

Rencontre ton idole

He proceeded to sample and taste a range of mushrooms as we spoke and he said all of them were of course edible. I quietly observed and hoped that there would not be an incident on this ICCA site — losing our President to a poisonous mushroom in the Finnish bush!

All was ok, however. He had summarized in a sentence the cancer from which we in this part of the world suffer. It is a hard reflection in the mirror, but it is a true reflection. Despite the handful of us in these small villages that maintain and cherish Forest Finnish thoughts and bloodlines in our non-Indo-European languages, the overall cultural shift is massive, both for Finland and larger Europe.

We in the boreal were saved for centuries from the larger colonial process due to our strange languages, our hunting and fishing societies, the remoteness of our forests and lakes from European centers of power.Rencontre ton idole.

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