The effects of playing online games

These games have negative effects to students and their studies and education.

The effects of playing online games

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Considerations for Future Research

THE EFFECT OF PLAYING ONLINE GAMES ON PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS An Interactive Qualifying Project Report Submitted to the Faculty Of the WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. Feb 12,  · New research suggests violent games can stir hostile urges and aggressive behavior in the short term, but it is not clear whether the habit increases the likelihood of committing a violent crime.

Effects of Violent Video Games on Children: A Comprehensive Research List. 1) An examination of psychoticism and motion capture controls as moderators of the effects of violent video games. Markey et al. ().

The effects of playing online games

Conclusion: Individuals with elevated levels of psychotocism responded to violent video games with an increase in self-reported aggression and hostility. Do video games cause violent, aggressive behavior? Can online games help us learn? When it comes to video games, these are often the types of questions raised by popular media, policy makers, scholars, and the general public.

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