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After their marriage inthey worked together for Quakerism and for the American Friends Service Committee until his death in From toDouglas Steere was professor of philosophy at Haverford College. From toDouglas Steere served as visiting professor of theology at Union Theological Seminary.

Thomas hager science writer willy

The accounts differ but little except the dates, names of places and people. Yet we, the sons and daughters of Epsom, feel that she has a history all her own, and now at the th anniversary of our town it seems fitting that some of this history shall be placed before the people.

The town derives its name from a market town in England. It is bounded on the north by Pittsfield, south by Allenstown, east by Deerfield and Northwood and west by Chichester and Pembroke. It is six miles long and four and one-half miles broad.

Epsom was granted to the taxpayers of Rye, New Castle and Greenland in "according to the amount of their respective taxes". To all People to whom these presents shall come: Know ye, we, of our special knowledge and meer motion, for the due encouragement of thomas hager science writer willy a new plantation, by and with the advice and consent of our council, have given and Granted, and by these presents, as far as in us lies, do give and grant unto all such of our loving subjects as were inhabitants and free holders in the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty-three, in our town of New Castle and in the Parish of Greenland, both within our Province of New Hampshire, in New England, to be divided among them in proportion to their Respective rates, which they paid in the year aforesaid, one tract of Land to be laid out at the head of Nottingham and Northwood of land formerly granted to the children of Sam'1 Allen, decsd.

To Have and to Hold the said Tract of Land to said Grantees and their heirs and assigns forever upon the following conditions: That they build twenty dwelling houses and settle a family in each within four years and that they break up three acres and plant or sow the same in that length of time.

That a house be built for the worship of God within six years. That one-hundred acres be set aside for a parsonage, one-hundred acres for the first minister, and the same amount for the use of a school. They were to pay for this grant the annual rent of one pound of good merchantable hemp, on the 1st day of December, yearly, forever if demanded.

Governor and Commander in Chief in and over said Province, at our town of Portsmouth, the eighteenth day of May, in the Thirteenth year of our Reign, anno Domini J. The first settlement in the Suncook Valley was made here and it is said that not a tree was cut between here and Canada.

Not a single clearing or neighborly smoke could be seen by these early settlers. McCoy built a house on the north side of what is now known as Sanborn's Hill and enlarged his farm by spotting the trees around the mountain which now bears his name.

A daughter of his was the first white child born in town, and the proprietors gave her a tract of land- She has descendants living in town but not of the same name.

Samuel Blake came into Epsom when but fifteen years of age. He bought one hundred acres of land, near the center of the town, of the Indians and paid them ten shillings, turning in his jack-knife as one shilling, and then began to make a settlement.

This farm is the one now owned by Mrs. Nutter, she being a descendant of Samuel Blake. For several years the only place he had for baking was an oven built upon a large flat rock. This rock was long ago split and used for under pinning. In the McClarys moved to Epsom and settled upon a rising knoll of land, upon which now stands the old McClary house.

This large old-fashioned dwelling js built of huge timbers and has immense fireplaces which attest its age. As few changes have been made one can see the rooms as they were looked upon by the ones who built them one-hundred eighty-seven years ago.

Many beautiful pieces of furniture have been handed down from past generations, each of which has its own story. The society of Cincinnatus held some meetings here. Franklin Pierce, Daniel Webster and many other distinguished men have been entertained in this home.

In fact, no house in our town is so rich in historical associations as the old McClary Homestead. This house is now owned by Mrs. Helen Barstow, a descendant of Andrew McClary, one of the first settlers.

The first meeting of the proprietors of Epsom was held at the ferryhouse in New Castle, December 4th, May 22, at a meeting held at the court house in Portsmouth it was voted that twenty, fifty acre lots be laid out at some convenient place in the town.

There is reason to think that these families were not settled permanently until October 16, it was voted that the town be laid out in four ranges each one mile deep, reserving a road four rods wide, between the 1st and 2nd ranges and between the third and fourth.

Voted, "That all the land not before reserved and granted be laid out on the account of the proprietors, and that they draw lots for the same.Carr, David L. Professor Emeritus of Political Science & Director of Research & Policy Analysis, William J.

thomas hager science writer willy

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Randy Hollinger's science class, where the class experimented with microscopes, so they could see life forms and scientif- ic experiments up close and personal. In addition to her mother, she is survived by a daughter, Melanie M.

Chewning of Orange; three sisters, Belinda Verling of Locust Grove, Carrie Thomas of Louisa, and Elizabeth Cafferkey of Norfolk; a grandson, Brayden, and a number of nieces and nephews.

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