Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

Is it primarily the way one type communicates with or relates to other human beings, or is it what individuals of that type value most? Is it the kind of work which that type prefers, the fears typical of the type, or the neuroses that such a type is most likely to fall prey to?

Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

We ALL have the same gifts. It is simply a matter of developing them and raising your frequency high enough in order to tap into them.

Simply stated, I remember being off-planet and choosing both my body and my family before I was born into the 3rd Dimension of this planet. The veil that separates this world from higher dimensions has always been very thin, which meant my integration into this 3D world was bumpy, at best.

My book, The Zero Point: Taken directly from my journals, The Zero Point chronicles these experiences in real time. It also demonstrates how we each shape our own reality and the world around us.

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Ascension into unity consciousness is not an abstract concept. What does The Zero Point have to do with the Mayans? Once again, my Guides have led me to open my journals and share even more of my personal experiences.

I never expected to reveal my private records with anyone, much less publish them in books or on a website. Back to the Mayans During the first week of I had an unusual experience.

Nothing ever is important

The following passage is an excerpt taken directly from my journal dated early January After the event took l place I wrote down my experience, as quickly and fully as possible, on the pages of a small journal. For the sake of authenticity I kept the selection in tact and have not altered it in any way.

Understanding what an enlightened person is and how one becomes enlightened

Bikes are placed in a triad of ft apart. I remember feeling they would be stolen. He looks up and has tears running down face. I hug him tightly and tell him I love him and thank you. Feel like tears of recognition. He feels very familiar and ancient. I pass through and it is very different.

A friend name omitted is joyfully dancing next to me in a gold dress flapper style. She directs me to where I should stand.One of the problems in explaining enlightenment is that we have to use words.

Words are only symbols and don’t give the real understanding. The letters of a word are merely a code that the mind translates into meaning.

Understanding the Endtime is the must-have 14 lesson DVD series that explains the Bible prophecies of the end time and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Edit Article How to Understand and Develop Insight.

Three Parts: Developing the Foundations Developing a Practice Gaining Benefits Community Q&A Insight as a means to develop understanding features strongly in a range of Eastern and Western philosophies as well as the arts and sciences. A thorough critique of the Indian Deeksha Oneness Movement perpetrated by con-man Bhagavan Kalki and Amma and their followers, at the expense of so many people naively hoping for enlightenment.

To become enlightened, you need to use specific meditation techniques for enlightenment. You have to use the most important techniques, such as Samatha, Vipassana, and Dhyana and put them together into a specific pattern that becomes a path.

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Becoming Enlightened in Steps If you desire to become enlightened I suggest that you break up your journey into some smaller steps. The first task is to practice love and become happy.

Enlightened people are both happy and loving. A simple step towards being loving is to accept where you are on your journey of conscious evolution.

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