Why do authors write autobiographies

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Why do authors write autobiographies

Autobiographies are mainly written by famous persons. Here are 15 of the best autobiographies in no qualitative order.

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Franklin believed in the American Dream, and indicated the possibilities of life in the New World. He proved to the world that hard works paid off, and that undistinguished persons could become of great importance in America.

Another reason why this is a classic is due to the historical factors. It reveals how life was in the 18th Century, the idealism, the intellectualism and optimistic beliefs are very well expressed.

This autobiography contains four parts and is totally worth a read! Get the book here! Starting from his childhood, growing up in to a freedom fighter, to his twenty seven years in prison, and his significant role in molding up a new, democratic South Africa, this book has it all.

This book is firmly rooted in the historical background of the forty years he spent in India.

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It is a beautiful book, not to be missed at all! This beautiful piece describes everything that a thirteen year old girl would experience: Her diary ends shortly after her fifteenth birthday.

This is the first volume of his autobiography and it contains three chapters. Here he talks about his life in New York inhis experiences while recording his first album and his devotion towards two of his lesser albums. This is something all the music lovers will enjoy, especially those who adore him.

He is planning to write two more chronicles, thanks to the immense success of his volume one. This book tells a wonderful, emotional journey of a struggling Black American, who went through bitter experiences in the course of her first seventeen years.

why do authors write autobiographies

This beautiful piece of literature teaches us the hardships of life and the extreme racism the Black Americans used to face at one time.

Malcolm X poured out the details of his life, from the poverty of his childhood, to his criminal teen, and then his emergence as a national figure and world leader.

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This is considered a spiritual classic. An Autobiography by Agatha Christie This autobiography can be considered as the unraveling of one of the best mysteries, Agatha Christie herself.The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou (Modern Library (Hardcover)) [Maya Angelou] on metin2sell.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Maya Angelou’s classic memoirs have had an enduring impact on American literature and culture. Her life story is told in the documentary film And Still I Rise. Hi, I’m number 57 on your list up there, metin2sell.comot, and Unfortunately I now do not fit the criteria for this list.

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why do authors write autobiographies

There is a fine line between a fictionalized autobiography or memoir and autobiographical fiction. In both cases, the author includes tidbits about his or her life. The difference is to what extent. Fictionalized autobiographies are mostly a truthful telling of the author’s experience with.

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