Write articles for bright hub project

Try a project analyzing and writing about thought-provoking quotes. This project is best when students sit in groups. This allows them to discuss the quotes with their peers and hear a variety of opinions about the meaning of each quote.

Write articles for bright hub project

Posted on Written by Brian Nelson 1 Comment I have a bit of a soft spot for Bright Hub, so much so that until today I have never mentioned or written about them for fear of sending too much competition that way.

When I was first starting out as a freelance writer a few years ago, Bright Hub was one of my first recurring paying gigs. Running a successful freelance writing business requires having at least some source of income that is dependable and recurring. Without such freelance writing clients, it can be difficult to smooth out the variations in income that make freelancing so difficult.

write articles for bright hub project

With a place to write for like Bright Hub, a freelance writer can always replace projects that have ended with additional article submissions. Just as important, a writer can always cut back how much they are writing for that website in order to devote additional hours to a newer, bigger or better paying freelance writing project that comes along.

How Does Bright Hub Work? Unlike writing for Demand StudiosBright Hub was a community of writers and editors who grew closer the more they worked together. Once admitted to the channel, writers were encouraged to submit articles on virtually any topic within that channel.

Almost any number of submissions was allowed at any time. The channel editors ensured that articles were both high-quality and worthwhile. And, constant communication with editors meant that there were no undeserved rejections or dubious edits required like how it works at Demand Studios.

Unlike Demand Studios, open communication between writers and editors was encouraged and as a professional writerone could get to know each editor and generate useful articles based upon what each editor preferred.

After a base of articles had been published, writers were no longer permitted to write about any useful topic. At first, writers simply chose a keyword topic and created an article around it.


Then, came requirements that writers use an exact keyword phrase. Finally, came requirements that the exact keywords be used in the article title, the SEO title, the keywords, and of course, within the text.

An assignment system was put into place where writers claim articles. Demand Studios automatically assigns the writer the article, while Bright Hub requires the editor to approve your claim first.

It slows down the process and makes it difficult to shift into high-gear to backfill a drop in freelance writing volume.

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You can only claim 10 articles at a time, including those waiting for editor OK. Next came requirements that each article have a minimum number of links to other articles published on Bright Hub. Then, every article required an image at least in some channels. Each extra step lowers the rate per hour a freelancer can make writing for Bright Hub.

Ironically, each of these moves made Bright Hub more like Demand Studios, all in the name of search engine optimization. While these tactics may have worked, they also had the effect of standing Bright Hub right next to Demand Studios and when Google fired shots at one, they hit both.

Originally, another key distinction between Bright Hub and Demand Studios was how much they paid. A handful of articles account for most of those page views, but as with all revenue sharing, there is no way to know in advance which articles will perform the best regardless of how much keyword research you do.

Ironically, for me at least, the vast majority of the articles that generated the highest page views were those that I had developed on my own without any editor keyword research and published before all of the newer SEO rules went into effect.

Perhaps more telling, the articles that I had built my own web links to seemed to fare better than those without suggesting that all of that internal keyword research and repetition was worth less than a few links to an otherwise quality article.

write articles for bright hub project

Unfortunately, the grandfathering came to an end recently as well. Even if you include revenue sharing, that means that, on average, Bright Hub articles now pay approximately the same, or less, as the higher paying Demand Studios articles. Bright Hub pays monthly, usually by the first week after month end, while Demand Studios pays twice per week.

For a freelance writer with a solid income stream this is a slight distinction, however, it does mean that trying to pick up and publish more than a handful of articles during the last week of the month is almost impossible at Bright Hub.

The traffic from my own Bright Hub published articles shows a much smaller decline, something closer to a 30 or 40 percent decline, although my small number of articles is hardly indicative of the brighthub.

Messages from the company at that time took that as an indication of the high-quality and savvy SEO practices at Bright Hub.

When Panda II hit, the company bought hook, line, and sinker, into the concept that they lost traffic because lower-quality posts were dragging down higher quality posts.

Ironically, new writer guidelines now say to avoid the keyword stuffing into titles, tags, and descriptions, requirements that were implemented during the last year. Assuming the company is right and traffic does return to other content, then that is not a big deal.

The lower overall traffic translates into a cut in revenue sharing payments. That claim becomes a little more difficult to buy into now. Not just because of the current traffic cut, but because such a traffic decline is in no way impossible for the future.

Articles that get 3, page views per month today may only get 1, page views next month not only if there is a Google update, but also if someone publishes something new that Google ranks higher. In other words, a professional writer must consider revenue sharing at any website to be temporary.Civil Engineering is a broad topic within engineering that includes the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and man-made structures, whether that be bridges, roads, skyscrapers or your neighbor's new addition to their house.

Writing the Scope Statemment. Now that you have the project charter and the name, you can start by filling in the project name, project charter, and a listing of the project owner, sponsors, and stakeholders on the scope statement..

Justifying Your Existence. Next, A project justification will need to be identified, as well as project requirements, milestones, and deliverables. In today’s working world, employees are challenged to balance their personal lives and the demands of their workplace.

One way workers can take control of where, when and how they work is to write and submit a work-life balance project proposal to their supervisor or manager. This is a fun and relatively short writing assignment most high school students enjoy.

Discuss some thought provoking quotes with your class on the subjects of love, joy, work, friendship, charity, and life. Then have each student write about a quote, what it means to them and if they agree. Rupen Sharma – Bright Hub - Free PMP Test Questions Scope Management Questions - Jun 1, 1) You’ve been put in-charge of a project that is in its first release.

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Bright Hub writer, Alicia Bodine has contributed several articles on how to make a model of the earth with different mediums. These include clay, paper, Styrofoam and play dough! These include clay, paper, Styrofoam and play dough!

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