Write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

There are two main types of numbers: Cardinal Numbers - 1 one2 two etc. Used mainly for counting Ordinal Numbers - 1st first2nd second etc.

Write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

I would agree with Auto, except that I would finish with "of a percent", ie "Four and nine-hundred seventy five thousandths of a percent".

I also agree with porsche. Anyone suggesting otherwise is missing the point. But in working with figures, rounding, inaccuracy, and terms of mathematical calculation bring insignificance into the figures used.

If, however, you knew the first figure to be not 4. Even if you knew the hundreths place to be zero, 4. Since its unlikely that in the original accounting or contracts, figures were recorded to the fourth place after the decimal point when is the last time you took out a bank loan with an APR of 5.

write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

I bet it was an APR of 5. That they are financially significant is a non-issue. Four point nine seven five percent. The point of a decimal is to do away with messy fractions.

Otherwise you might as well just say "four and thirty-nine out of forty percent. Also, in legal areas it is essential to be exactly accurate to what has been said, promised, etc.

If the figure 4. Marsha - no doubt the job you needed this advice for has been done by now, but here is my best guess at the right way to write a percentage out: I remember a physics teacher telling me that, as a nice and clear way to tell when you were talking about numbers before or after a decimal point, after the point you should dispense with units, tens, hundreds, etc.

So, as Chris suggested, 4. Percentage came to us as part of the metric numeric system, along with metres, litres and kilos, all of which use decimals not fractions.

Therefore it seems inappropriate to me to use the imperial convention of fractions when reading a percentage. At the end of the day though, consistency is the most important rule. However you write out percentages, if you and your collegues do it the same for long enough, THAT will be the correct way.

From my newspaper experience it would have been written out in numbers once more than a total single number is involved. For one thing, I worked at a bank for three years, and we certainly did use several decimal places in certain circumstances:Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

영어로 숫자 표기하고 읽기 1. 기수(Cardinal Numeral)와 서수(Ordinal Numeral) *numeral=number (1) 기수(Cardinal Numeral) 1. Reading and Writing Decimals.

Reading and writing decimals requires you to look at the number relative to the decimal point. To read the number.

Decimals in written form (hundredths) (video) | Khan Academy

This lesson is about writing numbers in decimal form. Write the following numbers in decimal form. 1. Two tenths = 2. Thirty-four hundredths = 3.

Forty-nine hundredths = Four and twenty-five hundredths = 9. Eight and thirty-three hundredths = Seven hundred thirty-nine thousandths = Ten and thirty-nine hundredths = Twenty. This lesson is about writing decimals in word form. There are two main ways to express decimal numbers in words.

Reading the decimal. In this method you read the part of the number left of the decimal point as a normal integer, then the word “point”, followed by the numbers to the right of the decimal point.

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